Anonymous: Hello! I was given Sanrio Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headphones as a gift. I want to use them so bad! All the directions are in Japanese but I figured all I had to do was turn the bluetooth on on my phone and turn the headphones on. Has anyone else written to you about this???? Thanks so much.

No, but maybe you could possibly scan the directions, upload them to your computer, and put them on some type of website (even tumblr would suffice I think) and let these websites translate it for you.

Google Translate Help

World Lingo

Maybe you could also ask where the person who gave you the gift got them from and go to that store and ask how to use them? Or if she didn’t get them from the store maybe you could email/call Sanrio and ask for English directions? That’s just a few ideas, sorry if that didn’t help much. I’ve never encountered this problem before, can anyone else help?

Update me if you find out how to use them please! :)


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